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It’s In My Blood

I started riding late in my life…I never grew up around motorcycles, I never watched my dad turn wrenches on motorcycles (or any vehicle for that matter), and I never had friends who rode bikes. So when it came to shopping for and purchasing a motorcycle as a 25 year old man joining up with […]


And so, after 37 days of travel, some crazy weather, hundreds of hours of filming for 2 great organizations, and thousands of pictures later…I was awake at the crack of dawn to depart Bend Oregon and ride the last few hundred miles to Seattle. After the unexpected problems of the previous day, I was hoping […]

Days 36, 37

And so, the trek back north began. Unfortunately, as in most parts of this trip, I didn’t have the luxury of time. Thus, I ended up doing about 1,200 miles in 2 days. Not impossible, but not a ride in the park either…each style of riding has its own challenges…especially when those challenges involve snow…in […]

Days 32, 33, 34, 35

White Sands, NM….what a special place. I’ve been in sand and around sand before (as some of you will remember, I was just in Dubai last November, and that place is a proper desert!), but there is something special about riding through white sand…at times it’s as if you are in some fairy tale in […]

Days 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Moab….what a place. And what could make such a freak of natural beauty even more unusually inspiring? Exotic birds flying free in the open air…no really. And so, this is what I spent the final week and half of my trip doing. As many of you know, now that I’ve left the circus I’m now […]

Day 26

This was a solid 560 mile day…it started out early in Tucumcari NM as I left my awesome Rt66 hotel and proceeded north across the desert to Las Vegas NM and eventually Taos. The good thing about there being nothing around is that you can make time…over this trip I’ve come to find that my […]

Days 24, 25

So, after the recommendation from fellow Ducati Multistrada rider Tom in Dallas, I was aiming to stay at one of the vintage hotels in Tucumcari, NM. After a little bit of internet research I decided on the Blue Swallow Hotel, and what a delightful place it turned out to be. Immediately when I checked in, […]

Days 21, 22, 23

And so, after doing a photo/vid shoot for George Troop who’s walking across America, I left New Orleans in a blast of wind-blown rain and primal lightning…unfortunately though, since I lost my charging cable during the Fuller Center week, my gopro wasn’t charged and even though it turned on, it didn’t catch any of the […]