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Days 12, 13, 14

Riding as support and media/communications guy for the Fuller Center Bicycle adventure Spring Ride is going pretty well. Each day, I’m up around 6am to pack everything up, eat a quick breakfast, then have a route meeting and head off to scout locations before the riders there. It’s been fun because it really is hard […]

Day 7

Ahhh what a day…I found a nice hotel for pretty cheap via priceline (that’s pic #2….reserving hotels via my phone at a gas station…yeah, that’s how I roll). The next day I met with my old coffee friend Jeff (one of the owners of PTs coffee) at his new shop in Topeka, the Flying Monkey. […]

Day 5 – chasing the moon

So here’s today…in a snapshot. I spent most of the morning at my old circus buddy’s house getting caught up on pic, dealing with DNS issues on my web servers, AND starting to field PR calls about the Fuller Center Bike Adventure coming up…all in all a busy morning! Plus, with the road turning to […]

Day 4

What a day…finally some temps in the 50’s….felt like Florida, almost decided to ride in shorts…ok, well not really. This afternoon was something I will remember for some time…late day shadows, Moab and the mountains off to my right, and the desert mountain plateau to my left, and capped off by a beautiful moon overhead. […]

End of Day 2

My first 300+ mile day of the trip…wasn’t too bad, A LOT of cross wind buffeting going across the border from WA to OR. Now here in Idaho, at a Hostel (that I have all to myself) eating some Panda Express and and catching up on the Ducati Community from today. 🙂

Day 1 – And so….it begins

FINALLY…it’s here.  As my early 2012 started to take shape and this trip started to take form, I was getting excited.  When I have a chance to hop on my bike and ride (especially if it’s for a good cause) then you can count me in in a heartbeat…even in the middle of winter.  And […]