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Day 26

This was a solid 560 mile day…it started out early in Tucumcari NM as I left my awesome Rt66 hotel and proceeded north across the desert to Las Vegas NM and eventually Taos. The good thing about there being nothing around is that you can make time…over this trip I’ve come to find that my […]

Days 24, 25

So, after the recommendation from fellow Ducati Multistrada rider Tom in Dallas, I was aiming to stay at one of the vintage hotels in Tucumcari, NM. After a little bit of internet research I decided on the Blue Swallow Hotel, and what a delightful place it turned out to be. Immediately when I checked in, […]

Days 21, 22, 23

And so, after doing a photo/vid shoot for George Troop who’s walking across America, I left New Orleans in a blast of wind-blown rain and primal lightning…unfortunately though, since I lost my charging cable during the Fuller Center week, my gopro wasn’t charged and even though it turned on, it didn’t catch any of the […]

Days 19, 20

And so, on a whim I decided I needed to visit New Orleans…I mean really, when you’re only 3 hours away, how could I saw no to all of the music and crawfish that were waiting for me there?! So, I called up an old friend (who has one of the most amazing apartments I’ve […]

Days 17, 18

So, these were the last days of the ride. As luck would have it, we arrived at the Capitol building in Jackson on St Patrick’s day…so there was green and people everywhere since the parade was about to start a few blocks away. It was such a beautiful day to ride, and yet it was […]

Days 15, 16, 17

And so, my week with the Fuller Center for Housing Bicycle Adventure is now complete. It was an amazing time in getting to know people from all over the country and getting to help build a few houses as well. The thurs. of last week was their day off, so that’s when we all drove […]

Days 12, 13, 14

Riding as support and media/communications guy for the Fuller Center Bicycle adventure Spring Ride is going pretty well. Each day, I’m up around 6am to pack everything up, eat a quick breakfast, then have a route meeting and head off to scout locations before the riders there. It’s been fun because it really is hard […]

Day 7

Ahhh what a day…I found a nice hotel for pretty cheap via priceline (that’s pic #2….reserving hotels via my phone at a gas station…yeah, that’s how I roll). The next day I met with my old coffee friend Jeff (one of the owners of PTs coffee) at his new shop in Topeka, the Flying Monkey. […]