Days 32, 33, 34, 35

White Sands, NM….what a special place. I’ve been in sand and around sand before (as some of you will remember, I was just in Dubai last November, and that place is a proper desert!), but there is something special about riding through white sand…at times it’s as if you are in some fairy tale in a distant place…it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts here. So, after a week in Moab, the BirdTricks crew and I slabbed it down to Alamagordo in a day, I made good time, but it’s still a handful of miles. The route south included passing through several reservations, so when I saw some awesome road food I HAD to stop and sample this roast mutton I had been smelling for miles. Throw that in some Navajo fry bread and that’s lunch that any hungry biker would be envious of…take that Alton Brown! 🙂 Once we got down to Alamagordo, we had 2 great days of filming with some time in between for a spot of editing and shooting a few rounds on my buddy’s AR15. A busy but productive few days, very satisfying, now the trek back north to Seattle begins…

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