Episode #3 – Giovanni Reniero

Episode #3 – Giovanni Reniero

Desert in Iran. A chance encounter with a camel…or is it a dromedary? Not sure.

Babusart Pass, on the Karakoram Highway to the border between Pakistan and China. The highest pass in Pakistan.

View of the Caucasus in Georgia, just south of Russia. A fantastic place full of enjoyable white top tracks, perfect for a dual sport bike like the f800.

This one was shot in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh, northern India.
I remember the splitting head ache I had that day due to altitude issues at over 4000m. Took this one in September of 2016.

This week on the podcast my guest is world traveler Giovanni Reniero as he shares some grin-inducing stories about his ride through Iran and Nepal on his trip from England to Asia! Also, check out his website that he is working on to share his travels at: www.Travellingstranger.com

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