Episode 1 – Matt Willson

In this first epsiode Matt talks about how he got started riding motorcycles and shares about his road trip on the back of one. Here’s a link to the book he mentioned (it’s still available! click on it if you want to get one)

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for next week’s episode!

Episode 2 – Iain Glynn

This week meet the CRO, Chief Riding Officer of Touratech USA Iain Glynn as he talks about how he got started riding motorcycles and formed a club and then later got a pair of vintage Honda Goldwings and set off on a 40 day tour of the country with his riding buddy.

iain glynn touratech usa

Good stories ahead, lend me your ears, and enjoy!

Episode 3 – Giovanni Reniero

Desert in Iran. A chance encounter with a camel…or is it a dromedary? Not sure.

Babusart Pass, on the Karakoram Highway to the border between Pakistan and China. The highest pass in Pakistan.

View of the Caucasus in Georgia, just south of Russia. A fantastic place full of enjoyable white top tracks, perfect for a dual sport bike like the f800.

This one was shot in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh, northern India.
I remember the splitting head ache I had that day due to altitude issues at over 4000m. Took this one in September of 2016.

This week on the podcast my guest is world traveler Giovanni Reniero as he shares some grin-inducing stories about his ride through Iran and Nepal on his trip from England to Asia! Also, check out his website that he is working on to share his travels at: www.Travellingstranger.com

Episode 4 – Travis Howe

This week meet my buddy Travis and hear about his antics of learning to ride a motorcycle in flip-flops in Nicaragua as well as some of the trips he took by motorcycle whilst living there. Sit down with a favorite hot or warm beverage of your choice and enjoy!


Episode 5 – Larry Garner


This week we sit down with motorcycle rider and sailor Larry Garner as he regales us with stories of riding in Canada and the beauty + adventure contained therein.  During this week’s episode he mentions the hot springs near Swan Lake, British Colombia, well they are called Lussier Hot Springs and you can find them here:

and then he mentions Top of the World Provincial Park, and you can find that here:

Both of those places are on my “to visit” list this next riding season!  Thanks again for listening, if you’d ever like to drop me a line or two you can reach me at thecalloftheroad@gmail.com

Episode #6 – Mark Kinney


This week meet retired Airforce Airman and fellow PNW rider Mark Kinney. He talks about his first experiences riding as a kid, as well as adventures like riding all day just to get a Chicago dog and exploring the Palouse. Here’s some more pictures that he’s shared…

A Chicago dog on a rainy day


passing on his passion for the road to the next generation


Episode # 7 – Erwin Urias Part 1

This week you get to meet my dear friend from my circus days, Erwin Urias. He’s a 4th generation motorcycle stunt rider, and his Great Grandfather was one of the founders of the motorcycle globe act. Buckle up as we dive into Erwin’s incredible family history and the things that he has experienced in his career.

Here’s a video I made for them of what it’s like to be IN the Globe of Death…

Erwin’s Grandfather, Victor (on the right)

The Urias troupe back in the day! (Erwin is one the far left)


the next generation of globe riders, Erwin’s son Geovi

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